Our ability to integrate technologies has led to a number innovative wastewater and green energy solutions needs for both industrial and municipal sectors.  

Akvotek has a strong commitment to research and innovation. We partner with universities and industries to take on some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. Current programs include the development and integration of innovative membrane technologies and novel biological processes, the recovery of valuable materials from wastewater, enhancing treatment efficiencies of existing wastewater treatment facilities and cost-effective generation of Hydrogen and Bioenergy from wastewater to minimise carbon emissions. 





Murray Winstanley | CHAIRMAN

Murray is a founding shareholder and director of Akvotek Pty Ltd. A science graduate of Melbourne University, he has experience establishing & leading organisations providing water and wastewater treatment technologies, petrochemical manufacture and plastic processing. In addition to his involvement with Akvotek. Murray owns a number of other Australian based businesses in the manufacturing sector, operating from four production sites. Outside involvement with his own companies, he is a non-executive director and chairman of a project engineering company in the construction sector and has previously been a director of several Australian industry groups. 

MARK FORBES | Executive Director

Mark is a founding shareholder and director of Akvotek.  Mark began his career as a research chemist and moved into the water and membrane industries more than thirty years ago. He has held senior international positions with companies based in Australia, UK and USA and has participated in hundreds of projects in the water, wastewater, food and beverage and municipal solids waste industries. He has been a director of the Australian Water Industry Alliance and is a member of the Australian Water Association, International Water Association and, previously, the International Desalination Association.   


Committed to Quality + Innovation

Akvotek is an exclusive distributor for Koch Separation Systems’ water and wastewater products. Our Australian production facilities fabricate membrane modules and complete turnkey treatment systems.    

Our directors and key staff have more than 100 years of water industry experience so they understand what you need. Most of our novel processes have been developed through extensive research and sophisticated pilot studies enabling projects to succeed where others have failed. 

The company provides the important basics to our clients, such time proven treatment plant technologies, on-site service, troubleshooting, installation, repair, and replacement services. We offer training, systems evaluation and inspection services for all membrane systems.  

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This can actually treat water with PVA! Everyone will want one!

PVCycle Client Asia

We have run four pilots and this is the only technology that has lasted more than a day. It has run for 3 months perfectly.

PVCycle Client Europe

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