Anaerobic Carrier System Technology

A Solution For Difficult Waste Streams

Akvotek has partnered with a leading European manufacturer to bring the BIEN CH4  breakthrough high-rate anaerobic digester technology to Australian & New Zealand markets offering integrated wastewater recycling and green energy solutions for the industrial sector.

A large amount of biomass is contained within the carrier medium of the anaerobic digester – resulting in high efficiency conversion of organics matter in high calorific wastewater into biogas.

The technology eliminates the need for granular sludge and by that manages to provide a reliable performance and guaranteed operation regardless of changes in flow and organic load.


The Science

The treated wastewater passes through a moving bed of floating plastic carriers, from the top to the bottom of the anaerobic reactor in a downward flow. The biomass is mainly attached to the inside of the carrier. The organics in the wastewater are converted into biogas by the anaerobic biomass, and produces a relatively small volume of anaerobic sludge.

The biogas rises upwards to the top of the reactor, providing a  good distribution of water throughout the carrier bed. The Biomass required for treatment is maintained in the reactor by the carriers and excess sludge is removed.

Akvotek provides integrated engineered packages incorporating treatment of liquid wastestreams for discharge as well as re-use improving both Water and Carbon footprint of adopting sites.

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The Power Of BIEN CH4



Adaptable to client’s specific needs and site conditions



Methane concentration up to 85%


Organics reduction

COD reduction up to 90%


Cost Effective

Low maintenance client specific solution leading to shortest return on investment