The Akvotek Approach to Green Hydrogen

Decentralised Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen will play a substantial role in Australian energy production and use as the country moves towards net zero emissions by 2050. While the model of traditional large scale hydrogen production, storage and transport is well suited to specific geographic requirements and export markets, there is a much more efficient and cost-effective standalone solution for regional locations. A packaged solution incorporating green hydrogen production from wastewater, powered by solar or wind energy that can be deployed for de-centralised hydrogen production and consumption. Hydrogen will be generated locally, leveraging established infrastructure and using local workforces. This will enable generation of  hydrogen along major transportation routes, for use locally in vehicles such as garbage trucks and buses and for interstate transportation


Helping Regional Communities

Akvotek’s technology offers a differentiated approach to the production and deployment of Hydrogen, particularly in regional areas based on: 

  • Delivery of green hydrogen at a competitive price with a target to reach the diesel equivalent
  • Removal of high structural and ongoing costs associated with storage and long-distance transport of the fuel
  • Provision of a modular local solution that can be tailored to the particular needs, scale and industry usage of a regional economy
  • Optimising existing regional water treatment assets through the use of electrolytic oxygen increasing treatment plant capacity by 50% and driving down power usage up to 80% for minimal capital outlay
  • Avoiding conflict over scarce regional water resources by re-purposing sewage treatment plant effluent for hydrogen production
  • Providing direct evidence to regional communities regarding the job creation, upskilling and other economic benefits associated with transitioning to a hydrogen economy