Akvotek are a leading water science organisation. Our business is based on our extensive experience in membrane technology and how to integrate membranes with more traditional water and waste water technologies.  Our ability to integrate technologies has led to a number of solutions to water and waste problems in both industrial and municipal waste water treatment.  Akvotek has a strong commitment to research and innovation. Our current programs involve co-operation of the university and academic research sectors. Our Australian production facilities fabricate full treatment systems and fabricate membrane modules.   


 Our unique technologies include  Nantra™ chemical free surface water treatment.  PVCycle™ water recycling within the petrochemical industry (patents pending)

Puron® Plus Koch Membrane Systems MBR systems exclusively represented in Australia by Akvotek

Our research programs include the integration of membranes and novel biological processes and the recovery of valuable materials from waste water while reducing the energy consumption waste water treatment. Akvotek is the exclusive distributor for Koch Membrane Systems water and waste water products.  

   We offer training, systems evaluation and inspection services for all membrane systems. Our highly experienced team can join your project development teams, carrying out peer review and design services in membranes and traditional water and waste water treatment systems.   


Trace Certified

At Akvotek, we value compliance and integrity about all else.  We are certified by Trace International.  To request a copy of our certification directly from Trace drop us a note on our mail system and we will send you a link.