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Koch Membrane Products

  Akvotek is the exclusive distributor of Koch Membrane Systems water and waste water products for Australia. Talk to us about your needs throughout South East Asia. We also provide unique membrane applications and products in the water and waste water industries.  Click here to visit Koch Membrane Systems web site.

Koch Membrane Systems

  Koch Pulsion™ MBR membranes. Koch’s latest development in MBR technology. Pulsion® provides the lowest energy consumption of any product on the market, and combined with higher sustainable flux and compact design provides a small footprint, low tank costs and low auxiliary equipment costs. Like the Puron® PSH, the fibres are potted only at one end and each fibre is individually sealed at the other end. This reduces the possibility of sludge being able to collect within the bundle.  

See the link below to download the Koch Pulsion™ MBR brochure.

  Koch Puron® PSH MBR membranes. The workhorse of the MBR industry with 100s of installations in industrial and municipal settings. Installations from a few thousand litres a day to upwards of 100 million litres per day.   

See the link below to download the Puron® PSH MBR Brochure

  Koch Puron® MP pressure membranes. Puron® MP uses the Puron® single end membrane technology, leaving an open pathway for the removal of solids from the module. This gives the membrane the ability to deal with high turbidity water that the industry has been dreaming about for decades. Sustainable flux can be higher than other membrane systems, particularly on higher turbidity water.  

See the link below to download the Koch Puron® MP brochure.

  Koch Targa® II Ultrafiltration membranes. Targa II provides the ultimate in membrane integrity. Fully tested with sensitive pressure hold tests, these membranes provide better than 4 log removal of virus, bacteria and protozoa. At 80m2 per membrane modules and high sustainable flux, Targa® II provides a cost competitive barrier for water and waste water treatment.  

See the link below to download the Koch Targa® II brochure

Koch Pulsion MBR Membranes (pdf)


Koch Puron® PSH MBR Membranes (pdf)


Puron® MP Pressure Membranes (pdf)


Koch TARGA II Membranes (pdf)