Nantra™ chemical free water treatment systems


Nantra™ chemical free water treatment.  Nantra™ is a dual membrane process. It generates clean water that meets WHO guidelines from the water source leaving the contaminates where they are, in the river, lake or dam.
· NO Sludges to deal with.
· NO Chemical storage or handling*
· NO Jar testing
· Fully automated with Nantra™ Smart IT
· Simplified Instrumentation and operation
· Feed water up to 3000 NTU  
· Up to 90% colour and DOC removal
· NO alkaline reduction
· 6 Log cryptosporidium, giardia and bacteria removal
· 4 Log virus removal
· Good removal of pesticides and herbicides
· Low energy consumption

Nantra™ will treat surface water with up to 3000 NTU turbidity without coagulation or other pretreatment. Colour and DO are reduced by up to 90%. There is nothing added to the reject streams of either process allowing the residuals to be returned directly to the environment. It, in effect, removed the water from the river, lake or dam, leaving the contaminates behind.

NantraDOC™ membranes are unique to Akvotek. NantraDOC™ is neither a nanofiltration nor an ultrafiltration membrane. It has the most desirable of the properties of both when it comes to water treatment without the disadvantages normally associated with the use of these technologies. NantraDOC™ is specifically designed to remove organic compounds while minimising the removal of divalent ions that can result in reduction in alkalinity and increase is corrosion potential. NantraDOC™ is a low energy membrane operating at less than 1.5 Bar without high recirculation. Nanofiltration membrane can operate at 5-8 Bar pressure and up to 5 times the permeate flow as recirculation.  

In our Nantra™ process, we protect the NantraDOC™ membranes with the most advanced solids and turbidity removal membrane process on the market, NantraUF™, which incorporates the Koch Membrane Systems Puron MP membranes. Our NantraUF™ incorporates these membranes in a unique package that offers advanced control systems and virtually eliminate the need for sophisticated operation of the plants.  

Nantra™ S Series

  Simple, reliable and operator friendly. Run on single phase power supply. Can operate on solar energy with battery storage. These small systems are ideal for remote communities. The Nantra™ S Series has one small pump and all valves are identical reducing inventory and servicing requirements.       

These units will deliver up to 100,000 L/d of treated water and can be operated on solar power or a single phase household power supply.     

Nantra™ Q Series

  Nantra Q is for large scale installations. To keep it affordable these systems are optimised based on value for volume produced. The control system adjusts based on the internal performance of the plant and ensures that the balance of recovery, pressure and flow are optimised to give the community high quality water with low energy consumption.