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High Quality Water for Starch Manufacturing

Located on the banks of the Shoalhaven river, our customer is a leading producer of native and modified starches including gluten free starch and ethanol for addition to E10 petrol. The manufacturing facility needed a replacement for their old Reverse Osmosis plant and subsequently the installation of an Ultrafiltration plant to treat surface water and take the load off the community’s potable water system. 



Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis Systems to Future-proof Water Supply

The facility requires significant water resources to operate.  To reduce the demand on potable water from the local utility (Shoalhaven Water) a two train Akvotek Nantra™ ultrafiltration system was installed. The plant is used to treat surface water which is used to replace potable water previously supplied by Shoalhaven Water. Each train treats 80m3/hr of water for a total daily production of 3.8 ML.  The price difference between treated potable water and untreated surface water was sufficient to give an acceptable ROI for the project.

Waste water from the plant is treated by a complex treatment train incorporating anaerobic digestion, membrane bioreactors and reverse osmosis.  Akvotek was engaged to ugrade the reverse osmosis membrane train and recommission the plant.  As part of the upgrade, Akvotek replaced the 18″ RO skids with 8″ to allow the client easier and cheaper membrane replacement in the future.  The skids were fabricated in Melbourne by Akvotek, shipped to Nowra and installed by Akvotek’s team.  The total capacity of the two skids is 6 ML/d. The RO treated water is returned for reuse and the concentrate is used to irrigate the company owned and operated farm, growing fodder which is fed to cattle who graze the farm.



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