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Water Recycling for the Suspension PVC Industry

Australian Vinyls Corporation was Australia’s leading supplier of PVC resin, polymer additives, and wood-plastic composites. The company subsequently became part of the Wesfarmers Chemicals Energy and Fertilisers (WESCEF) division in 2007. 

Wastewater produced by the PVC manufacturing process is challenging to treat due to the elevated process temperatures and viscous nature of the core contaminants. Many conventional treatment processes fail to last longer than a day.



Proven in uninterrupted operation for almost 10 years


Akvotek’s PVCycle process was originally developed for Australian Vinyl’s Water Recycling Plant after a 2 year piloting process. The full-scale plant at AVC was operated for close to 10 years before closure of the facility.

The PVCycle process is a 3-stage process incorporating proprietary membrane technology developed by Akvotek. It takes hot wastewater from the PVC production plants centrifuges and removes all the contaminants, allowing the recovered water to be re-used by the PVC facility.

The process recovers up to 90% of the water, recovers significant amounts of heat energy and can recover the PVC normally lost in the wastewater. The process operates hot (between 55°C and 80°C) thereby avoiding biofouling, often a major problem in similar processes.


Over 450 Mega Litres of Water Saved Annually


Calculated annual savings of over $3.8M


Quick ROI of ~1.5 years


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