Pre-engineered MBR Systems

Pre-engineered Standard Systems for Wastewater Treatment


Koch Membrane Systems' PURON® PLUS MBR systems are pre-engineered membrane

bioreactor (MBR) package plants. With capacities ranging up to

1,000,000 L/d, the PURON PLUS MBR system is designed for both

municipal and industrial (i.e.: food, dairy, beverage, leachate,

produced water, etc.) wastewater applications with feed BOD

concentrations up to 2,000 mg/L. 

Advanced Membrane Technology


Featuring Koch Membrane Systems submerged PULSION® MBR

modules, these skid-mounted systems offer customers a complete

and cost-effective design. The virtually unbreakable high

performance PURON membrane provides consistent high

quality effluent with total suspended solids <5 mg/L. Coupled with

a comprehensive biological system, the PURON PLUS MBR system

can reduce BOD and Nitrogen concentrations down to 5 and

10 mg/L respectively.