PVCycle™ Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Proven Water Recycling for the PVC Industry

PVCycle™  is Akvotek's proven water recycling process for the PVC resin industry.  The process has operated for a decade and has recycled over 3 billion litres of water.  

We believe that this is the only process that has successfully recycled water within this difficult environment.  The recycled water is suitable for reuse in the PVC reactors without further treatment.

Our unique combination of membrane technology and pretreatment is what gives our process the ability to work year on year without replacement of membranes or significant consumables.

Outstanding Ecomonics

This economically viable process recycles water at less than US$0.20/kL. Depending on the cost of water and waste water disposal, the payback is usually little more than a year or two. Some areas will require treatment to the incoming water supply and this treatment cost can also be reduced.


The whole process, including the membrane processes, operates at up to 80C allowing heat energy to be recovered.

Ready to use technology

PVCycle™  technology is fully developed, protected by patents, and ready to be installed in your plant.