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Akvotek Awarded Landmark Project With Leading PVC Manufacturer in the Middle East

Akvotek has been awarded a prestigious contract to deliver a full-scale recycled water plant project for a prominent PVC manufacturer in the Middle East. The treatment plant will be an integral component of our client’s state-of-the-art 350 Kilo Tonne per year manufacturing facility. By incorporating sustainable water management into their operations, our client is demonstrating exceptional leadership and a commitment to environmental responsibility. This achievement marks a significant milestone for both Akvotek and the PVC manufacturing industry as a whole.

At the core of this transformative project lies our innovative PVCycleTM process, developed by Akvotek to address the unique challenges in treating PVC wastewater. The process treats hot water from the PVC production plants’ centrifuges to a quality that can be re-used directly in the PVC reactors without any further treatment. PVCycleTM recovers up to 90% of the water, recovers significant amounts of heat energy and can also recover some of the PVC lost in the wastewater.

We take immense pride in manufacturing our skids locally, in Melbourne showcasing the expertise and capabilities of the Australian manufacturing industry. This partnership reinforces our commitment to supporting local economies while delivering globally recognised solutions.

As we embark on delivering this transformative project, we would like to express our gratitude to our incredible team, whose expertise and dedication have been instrumental in this landmark achievement. We also extend our appreciation to our client and their delivery partner for their trust and partnership throughout this journey.

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