Safe Water for Schools in Vietnam

Australian Aid and Australian Water Association selected Nantra™ chemical free water treatment technology to provide safe drinking water to schools in Vietnam

Akvotek is proud to have designed, manufactured, and supplied treatment plants providing safe drinking water to schools and their surrounding local communities in Vietnam. Each of these plants provide upwards of 10,000 litres per day of of potable water, produced from surface water high in suspended solids, colour, natural organic matter and pathogenic vectors.

The water produced by these plants is enough for the school, and to provide the local community with refill water for collection at a small fee, which in turn pays for the plant operation and provides a business for the local women.


Understanding The Technology

The plants use Akvotek’s proprietary NantraTM technology – a chemical free dual membrane process that generates clean water that meets WHO guidelines leaving contaminants which are unacceptable for drinking in the original water source. Nantra plants operate with minimal operator intervention and are well suited to remote regions and developing nations.

With 2 installations in the Dong Thap province, 2 in Ben Tre and another 2 in Northern Vietnam, Akvotek has supplied a total of 6 Nantra plants to schools and communities in Vietnam. These projects were made possible in collaboration with Australian Aid, Australian Water Association and Hydroscience.

“We’re very proud to be chosen to supply water at these locations, and we look forward to these communities benefiting from low cost, safe drinking water made from the water that flows past here,” says Mark Forbes, founding director of Akvotek.

Watch the Installation process of the Nantra plant in Dong Thap

Watch Mark Forbes & Ken Huynh opening address in Vietnam

Watch Mark Forbes walk through the Nantra process for the cameras at the opening ceremony in Ben Tre

Learn more about Nantra

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